Meeting in Orsay 7 December 2004

Present: J-L, Biarrotte, A. Chance, R. DuperrierT. Lamy, B. Laune, F. Lemuet, M. Lindroos, F. Meot, A. Muller, O. Napoly, J. Payet, P. Sortais, A. Tkatchenko

The objective of the meeting was to agree on suitable work packages and work tasks for the different groups working in France on the beta-beam.

Three presentations were made:

  1. Mats Lindroos on the status of the EURISOL Design study
  2. Jacques Payet on the status of the design of a high energy decay ring
  3. Presentation prepared by Michael Benedikt on the status of the beta-beam task within the design study

The outcome can be summarised as follows: