JOINT UK Nuclear and Particle Physics meeting on the beta-beam and FIRST meeting of the EURISOL beta-beam task

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

17-18 of January, 2005

The beta-beam concept for the production of intense electron neutrino and anti-neutrino beams is included as a work package within the EURISOL Design Study, which has been recently approved for funding within the EU VIth Framework. The proposed EURISOL facility will serve both the nuclear and particle physics communities. To present the beta-beam concept and explore the possible synergies we are organizing a two day meeting at RAL (Conference Room 12, R68) in January. The first day will be dedicated to a general overview of the EURISOL and beta-beam facility, the physics reach and the design study. The second day will be spent on synergies with nuclear physics and particle physics, in particular the R&D on a Neutrino Factory. A social event will be organized for the evening of 17 January. Where you also can sign up. Accommodation is available at the Cosener's House, Abingdon. Reserve your room either by calling the number at the Cosener's House home page  or by emailing

Make your reservation as soon as possible to be sure to get a room! A list with some alternative accommodation close to RAL can be found here.

You can soon read more about the beta-beam in the up-coming PPARC Frontier issue at or in the latest issue of Nuclear Physics news.

To sign up for the meeting, please, fill in this web-form. Remember that you have to book your accommodation separately.

The program can be found here.

Michael Benedikt, CERN, Peter Butler, CERN and University of Liverpool, Marielle Chartier, University of Liverpool, Rob Edgecock, RAL  and Mats Lindroos, CERN

The meeting is sponsored by the Centre for Fundamental Physics at CLRC and the BENE network.