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Accelerator technology:

The EURISOL Beta-beam S. Hancock EURISOL town m. Apr. 09
Collimation simulation studies E. Wildner EURISOL week Sept. 07
Collimation studies A. Fabich NuFact07 Aug. 07
BB with CERN upgrade plans S. Hancock NuFact07 Aug. 07
BB Technical challenges S. Hancock NuFact07 Aug. 07
Future options for BB with a focus on production issues M. Lindroos NuFact07 Aug. 07
Beta-beams M. Lindroos FNAL steering gr. May 07
EURISOL beta-beam studies M. Lindroos ANL, US workshop May 07
  M. Lindroos Daresbury Apr. 07
Beta-beams M. Lindroos IDS, CERN Mar. 07
Beta-beams M. Lindroos GDR, Annecy Mar. 07
Collimation for beta-beams A. Fabich EURISOL week Nov.06
Status of the Beta Beam Design Study M. Lindroos CARE06 Nov. 06
A Low-Energy Accumulator and Cooling Ring for the Betabeam M. Lindroos NuFact'06 Aug. 06
Large Aperature SC Dipoles for the Beta-beam Decay Ring E. Wildner NuFact'06 Aug. 06
Betabeam Ring Optics Design and Optimization A. Chance NuFact'06 Aug. 06
Ion Losses and Collimation for the BB Acceleration Scenario A. Fabich NuFact'06 Aug. 06
Radioactive Ion Beams A. Fabich NuFact'06 Aug. 06
Neutrino factories and b-beams M. Zisman EPAC Jun. 06
The Beta-beam project P. Delahaye Mainz seminar Jun. 06
Beta-beam requirements A. Fabich Orsay (task 6/9/10) May 06
Future R&D: beta-beam M. Lindroos BENE @ RAL Apr. 06
Status of the beta-beam study M. Lindroos ISS @ RAL Apr. 06
The Beta-Beam M. Lindroos GSI Jan. 06
bb decay ring design status J. Payet EURISOL week Nov.05
bb Intensities and decay losses A. Fabich EURISOL week Nov.05
Introduction to Beta-beam task M. Benedikt EURISOL week Nov.05
Status of the Beta-beam task M. Benedikt CARE Nov.05
Beyond the present baseline? M. Lindroos CARE Nov.05
Ion accum. and cooling at low E M. Lindroos ECFA/BENE Nov.05
bb Parameters and Limitations A. Fabich ECFA/BENE Nov.05
Beta-beams A. Fabich GDR neutrino Oct. 05
Beta beam status M. Benedikt ISS @ CERN Sep.05
A baseline Beta-beam M. Lindroos NuFact05, June 05
A baseline Beta-beam M. Lindroos NuFact05, NO-WG June 05
A baseline Beta-beam M. Lindroos NuFact05, Plenary June 05
A base line Beta-beam M. Lindroos Seminar LLN May 05
The beta-beam facility M. Lindroos SPSC Villar Sep. 04
The beta-beam M. Benedikt Nufact04 July 04
The beta-beam facility T.Nilsson and M. Lindroos RNB-6 Sep.03
Presentation of LOI to ESGARD   CERN July 03
AB seminar on the beta-beam Mats Lindroos AB Seminar April 03

Physics case:
NuFact'06, UCIrvine
Performance of Beta-beams at g=100 and Combination with Atmospheric Neutrino Data M. Mezzetto Sep.04
SPSC Villars sur Ollon meeting
Beta-beam physics reach M. Mezzetto Sep.04
EURISOL town meeting
Neutrino physics Jacques Bouchez May 03
The beta-beam Cristina Volpe May 03
The low energy beta-beam Cristina Volpe May 03
Large Detectors for Proton Decay, Supernovae and Atmospheric Neutrinos and low Energy Neutrinos from high Intensity Beams
Physics reach of Super + Beta beam M. Mezzetto Jan.02
Beta Beams P. Zucchelli Jan.02