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EURISOL Design Study

6th Beta-beam Task Meeting,
19th November 2007

(IPN Orsay, building 102, first floor)


Monday, 19th November 2007
  Welcome B. Laune
  Introduction and status M. Benedikt
  Alternative production scenarios for 6He and 18Ne M. Loiselet
CANC Main parameter for driver and target concepts T. Stora
CANC Consequences on ion source and concepts T. Lamy
  RCS RF cycle and beam losses A. Lachaize
  RF Capture in the RCS S. Hancock
  Radiation protection issues for the RCS S. Trovati
  RCS magnet design for dipole and quadrupole A. Lachaize
  RCS cost estimate based at CERN M. Benedikt
  PS activation and collimation studies M. Kirk
  PS2 analysis for protons and ions tbc
  Accsim-FLUKA simulation of the DR arcs and concepts for dipoles+protection E. Wildner
  Discussion and conclusions all
  Steering committee  




List of participants: M. Benedikt, A. Fabich, B. Laune, M. Lindroos, A. Tkatchenko, A. Lachaize, A. Mueller, M. Kirk, O. Napoli, M. Stockner, S. Trovati, M. Loiselet, A. Simonsson, A. Kaellberg, J. Payet, A. Chance

Some participants strongly suffered from the transport difficulties in France these days and could not attend the meeting. We look forward to see their contributions at the next occasion.